Green Yogurt?

Our commitment to community and sustainability runs through Ripple. For us, social responsibility is never an afterthought.



Our milk doesn’t have to travel far. It’s from Front Range dairies.
Our yogurt is made here in Boulder.
Our bakery uses local ingredients whenever possible.
Our spoons, water cups, take-away bags, sample cups and napkins are all compostable.
Our electricity is entirely offset by wind power.
Our lighting is almost exclusively LED. (Including our big Ripple sign!)
We support local businesses such as Noosa Yoghurt and Fiona’s Granola.
We purchase carbon credits to offset our commuting and deliveries, and are working toward becoming a carbon-neutral business.
We believe in following real and meaningful sustainable business practices.

With regard to of our toppings, it’s not always possible or practical to source locally. However, we do believe it’s important to do as much as we can while meeting our customers’ demands for yummy stuff!  Likewise, when we are able we buy organic.



1682 30th St. Boulder, CO 303.444.0690

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